Infrastructures, smart cities and public services: audits, structuring and transaction advisory

We advise and support our clients at all stages of projects. In the origination, as transaction advisors, from the initial identification of assets, to bid management, due diligence or in contract management 

    • Market analysis
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Due Diligence
    • Contract management

We structure Smart Cities projects, integrating technological, social, financial and legal experts.

We offer our operational and financial expertise to minimize risks and optimize operating expenses.

    • Financial Management and Control
    • Operational management
    • Life cycle management
    • O&M phase management
    • Insurance management
    • Contractual management

We help public administration and private clients to develop and finance infrastructure PPP projects and services. 

    • Project planning and feasibility studies
    • Structuring of projects
    • Procurement strategy
    • Development of business cases
    • Financial modelling
    • Demand and income forecast
    • Financial analysis
    • Risk Identification and Management


Public-Private Partnership and Concessions

We analyze which projects are suitable for being implemented through public-private partnership and which not. Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies of PPP projects, municipalizations and privatizations
  • Alternatives analysis to determine which is the management model that offers the highest VfM
  • Cost-benefit analysis and VfM
  • Structuring of projects
  • Risk assessment of polluted sites
  • Identification of financing instruments
  • Analysis and definition of procurement models
  • Drafting of ToRs and contracts
  • Financial modelling
  • Tariff Calculation
  • KPIs definition and modelling
  • Evaluation of Bids
  • Bid Management for private companies
  • Technical and Financial Transaction Advisory, including amendment of contracts
  • Project Management
  • Audit and due diligence
  • Technical and Transaction Advisory.

Asset Management, Project Management and Public Company Management

We manage assets, projects and companies for our clients


We manage our clients' assets optimizing their lifespan, efficiently and with tools that facilitate the monitoring of activities:

  • Procurement
  • Programming
  • Planning
  • Management
  • Supervision


We are recognized by the ability to coordinate resources and lead multidisciplinary teams that maximize results and benefits for our clients:

  • Integrated project management
  • Technical management and project management for concessionaires
  • Management of large projects
  • Contract design
  • Smart Cities Projects



We act as Managers or CEOs of public entities on behalf of our clients through:

  • Company analysis
  • Management of the activities of the organization
  • Design and implementation of business plan
  • Follow up of objectives 
  • Budget Control

Data Analytics

We process and analyze your data to improve the value of your business and help decision making.

What do we do?

DATA CONSULTING: we analyze your business to identify challenges and set goals for improvement, in order to give real value to the data and turn it into information that helps making faster decisions.

DATA ANALYTICS: we make predictions that allow us to detect patterns and launch actions in order to reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, generate new revenues and reduce costs.

VISUAL ANALYTICS: we facilitate the understanding of the data analyzed by display boards / apps that facilitate its reading.

DATA DRIVEN MANAGEMENT: We combine experience with empirical evidence to improve decision making and generate impact on your business.

Strategic, financial and operations consulting

We help companies develop procedures to gain a competitive advantage. Always with an active communication with our clients, from the initial planning to the implementation, and always with the objective of at least obtaining the expected results. 

  • Definition of business models
  • Reduction of costs
  • Management of suppliers to drive efficiency and growth
  • Management of suppliers to drive efficiency and growth
  • Development of corporate and competitive strategies
  • Optimisation of operations
  • Distribution channel strategies
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Business/Commercial due diligence
  • Integration of post-merger companies
  • Establishment of effective and solid commercial agreements (customer relationship management)
  • Development of industrial parks
  • Development of innovation parks
  • Definition of economic promotion strategies
  • Smart Cities

Municipal Services

 We help City Councils and Companies in the Design, Supervision, Operation and Management of municipal public services

  • Economic and legal assessments of liquidation processes and renegotiation of current contracts.
  • Supervision of maintenance and operation of public utilities.
  • Technical and economic-financial audits and valuation of assets and services. 
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference for tenders. Evaluation of bids.
  • Determination and updating of service tariffs. Preparation of economic-financial and legal studies for the creation and modification of public ordinances, prices and fees.
  • Management, via outsourcing, of public companies.
  • Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis of projects and services. Identification of the optimal management and procurement model for a service. Preparation of service regulations.
  • Preparation of proposals for EU funding calls and project management.
  • Preparation of administrative, technical and economic bids for tenders of public services and municipal projects.

Más servicios

We advise public and private entities in M&A operations.

We ensure that the value of existing assets is maximised in refinancing operations, mergers and acquisitions.

We optimize financing of infrastructure projects.

We perform due diligences and audits of projects and concessions of works and services.

We act as technical, strategic and financial advisors to private, public and financial institutions.


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